Cycle Through the Skin Ward

Cycle Through the Skin Ward is a short story collection for audio, written and produced by Michael Collins. Sound design by Charles Wu. Art Direction by Violette Ayad.

Cycle Through the Skin Ward is a collection of stories centered around a fictional Western Australian town named Yarbeth. 

Yarbeth has the highest rate of bushfires in the country. This fact made it one of the leading centres of burns and skin care research in the 90s, and for a while, under the tutelage of Dr. Hail, the Skin Research Centre stationed there lead the world in skin-technology. 

Hail died mysteriously in a fire in 1994, and with his death the Skin Research Centre collapsed. 

The stories collected here are interviews with those that knew Dr. Hail, former patients and employees of the Skin Research Centre, locals of Yarbeth, and anyone in town who had a story to tell. 


(listen with headphones)